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China syndrome

Zarrar Khuhro

China syndrome Zarrar Khuhro IN 2011, the term ‘Asian Pivot’ first entered the American political lexicon. This was the name given to the US plan to refocus on ties with East Asian states and the clear subtext was to try and manage the rise of China. Arguably, it came a …

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Time to revisit Kashmir policy

Muhammad Ziauddin

Time to revisit Kashmir Policy Muhammad Ziauddin Our over seven-decade long Kashmir policy has yielded just one tangible achievement for Pakistan: Kashmir has continued to remain a disputed territory for us even as world support for the relevant UN resolutions has continued to decline. As opposed to this single achievement …

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Dangerous stand-off


Dangerous stand-off ZAHID HUSSAIN FIRST there was a clampdown and then a retreat. The panicky response to the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) rally in Multan this week illustrates the growing chaos within the PTI administration. With an increasingly aggressive opposition alliance on a collision course with the government, the latter’s …

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If Aurangzeb advised Modi

If Aurangzeb advised Modi Jawed Naqvi HAD Prime Minister Narendra Modi a way to divine Emperor Aurangzeb’s advice on how to run India as a one-man state, he would have been counselled not to trifle with the peasantry. There are common features between the Marathas and the Sikhs (who both …

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The rise of TLP

Muhammad Amir Rana

The rise of TLP Muhammad Amir Rana SPECULATIONS persist regarding the future of the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan after the demise of its chief Khadim Husain Rizvi. For many, this is the beginning of the end for the TLP as it has lost not only its leader but also the charisma he possessed. However, …

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Government and its people

Khurram Husain

Government and its people Khurram Husain NO government, whatever its make-up, can exist for very long if it is too far out of touch with the realities that the common citizenry has to endure. This was not true in earlier times when monarchs ruled the world, but states of that …

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Secret meeting?

Arabs and Israel meting

Secret meeting? REPORTS that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a clandestine visit to the northern Saudi city of Neom to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on Sunday have sparked a firestorm of rumours. The Saudis have flatly denied that the Israeli leader set foot on their soil; however, officials in …

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