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Hindutva and Hindustan. Mufti Gulzar Ahmed Naeemi

Hindutva and Hindustan

It was Jawaharlal Nehru who opted for the secular constitution for India and promised to protect minorities and give equal value to all human beings residing in the then India regardless of their religion, sect and creed. Although, his promise was not fully accepted and endorsed by Hindu extremists, yet the contemporary rise of Hindutva in Indian politics and decision-making circles had made it hard for other communities to even live in peace.

Hindutva is the extremist Hindu ideology that sees Hindu as the superior race and all others as their subordinate. It aims at establishing a Hindu empire in the sub-continent that would only protect and promote the interests of Hindus at the cost of others. The proponents of Hindutva ideology consider others especially Muslims as an invader. They believe that India is for Hindus and not for Indians and promote the narrative of Hindustan rather than that of India.

Since the rise of Mr. Modi in the oval office, the extremist ideology has gained pace as the Prime Minister of India is largely influenced by Hindutva ideology. This is quite clear from his last assignment as Chief Minister of Gujrat where millions of Muslims and their houses were burnt in ashes in order to teach Muslims a lesson that they are inferior to Hindus.

As the Prime Minister of India, Modi is now burning the midnight oil to implement Hindutva ideology in the whole of India and especially in the Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) which is the only Muslim majority state under illegal Indian occupation. For this purpose, the Modi-led Hindutva government has stripped Kashmiri’s off their special status in the Indian constitution by a rushed presidential order. To quell the uprising and suppress the self-determination movement in IOK, Modi has imposed a complete curfew in the valley which is continued till day without any reversal. Thus, there has been a shortage of life-saving drugs in the valley, human rights are bluntly violated in this so-called free world, world capitals are jaw locked owing to economic interests in India, and the innocent Kashmiris are bearing the wrath of brutal Indian force without losing their will power-what a slap on the face of the civilized world!

Why India revoked the special status of Kashmir? Modi is a fascist leader and doing everything to pursue the ideology of Hindutva. Secondly, his populist policies and election promises forced him to revoke the status quo in Kashmir. Thirdly, Modi is aimed at changing the demography of IOK. Demographic change is necessary for Kashmir to achieve the hidden purposes of India.

India along with G4 nations has long been trying to acquire the membership of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). There are three major hurdles in its way. The 1st one is the veto of China. As any nation that is aimed at joining the UNSC must have to acquire the confidence to vote all permanent members of the UNSC. Sooner or later India would be able to convince China as in this world only interest matters and not morality.

The second big hurdle in its way to UNSC is the informal group of 88 countries which include countries mostly from the third world. In fact, this group can create a hurdle in the way of India to UNSC but cannot really stop it.

The third and the major hurdle for India is to fulfill all the resolutions of the UNSC as it is necessary for an applicant to fully accept and implement all the resolutions of the UNSC in true letter and spirit. In short, sooner or later India will have to implement the UN resolutions regarding Kashmir. The common demand of all the resolutions is that the future status of Jammu and Kashmir has to be decided by a plebiscite or a referendum to know the will of the people. As, Muslims are in Majority in Kashmir, so any referendum would result in the independence of Kashmir from India which is not acceptable to India at any cost. Further, it had to struggle for a permanent seat in UNSC. So, India is trying to change the demography of Kashmir by settling Hindus in the valley.

For this, India has divided IOK on the administrative ground. Ladakh has been made union territory and Kashmir a state like all other states in India. Muslims are in a minority in Ladakh, so there is no point in changing the demography of Ladakh. But, given the majority of Muslims in Kashmir, it is being changed demographically. India is trying to settle the retired army and paramilitary force persons in Kashmir on the ground that they have been serving in the valley for the past many decades. Moreover, property rights are now open to all Indian citizens which will badly impact the demographic status of Kashmir.

Therefore, India is no more a secular democracy but an extremist religious state pursuing the ideology of Hindutva where no minority can feel safe and secure. With every passing day, the incidents showing disrespect to minorities in India are increasing. Unfortunately, the government of India is playing the parental role in making India the home for Hindus only.


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