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India a prejudiced state. Mufti Gulzar Ahmed Naeemi

India a prejudiced state

First, I thank Allah almighty has bestowed me with a peaceful and unprejudiced state in the form of Pakistan where one can live peacefully without any bias. Whenever I look at the brutal condition of non-Hindus in India, I feel even safer and blessed. Indian Muslims are unlucky that they could not become part of Pakistan even after numerous efforts and sacrifices made by them during the struggle for making Pakistan. Due to the false intention of Hindus and British rulers, the parts of Muslim majority areas were not included in Pakistan and as a result, they are living a terrible life in prejudiced India. Though Kashmir is a disputed territory asam .utarpardesh and Hyderabad are an integral part of India and even then Muslims living in these areas are facing forced violence and state prejudice. Their property, families, worship places are not safe. Indian religion is divided into the extreme cultural and social divides. Even lower-caste Hindus are treated discriminately. In this condition discrimination against Muslims is not something strange but this should be kept in mind that Muslims of India are not the minorities like in other countries of the world, Muslim ancestors ruled the Indian sub-continent for more than eight hundred years, other than that they are third-largest Muslim nation of the world in India. Indian Muslims are larger than the population of Pakistan. Muslims in India must be considered as majority after Hindus other than minorities in India.

Nowadays in different provinces of India Muslims are victimized, in the garb of holy cow(Gao mata).Hundreds of shops are burnt and forcefully closed. It is strange that India is the third-largest exporter of cows’s meat and clearly depicts its hierocracy. Big Hindu merchants are exporting cows meat under the umbrella of Indian government and earn huge foreign exchange. But on the other hand if a Muslim sacrifices a cow it is considered as an insult and treated as a criminal offence. This is an extremism of dishonesty and shamefull act. Hindu extremists have made special cow safety force who are working under government influence and if they find any Muslims trader taking along cows in their trucks they confiscate the cow and try to kill the trader.These extremist forcefully  shut down the cows  meat shops of Muslims in utarpardesh, Ghaziabad and government authorities could not take any action. In the city of Gorgoan50 shops of Muslims were closed.Some Indiantv channel are saying openly that life of Muslims in India is getting appalling. Modi gangsters are victimizing Muslims of India and police and administration is silent ont it. According to news agency in Asam an elderly man was victimized of selling cows meat. He was tortured and thrown in the sludge and was forced to eat pork. Murder of a Muslim body builder and famousIndian journalist guorilinkshanshows the extremism created my Modi Sarkar. If someone tries to speak about the rights of minorities, he either will be behind the bars or will be killed in no time. Famous Indian actor Ohm Pori was also killed because he was trying speaking in the favour of  minorities. He also spoke in the favour of Pakistan and after few hours he was no more in this world.All is done under the government surveillance .Groups of gangsters areintentionally  prepared for this purpose so that no single culprit is identified.

What else will be bigger setbackto India thattheIndian government constitution and policy maker Dr Bheem Rao who was from a lower caste of hindus(Chamar) converted himself to Buddhist religion. In the last days of his life he Said that I am born as hindu but don’t wantto  die as Hindu

This is the law of nature that injustice does not prevail forever. It is never long lasting. History tell us that theRegime of tyranny and victimization donot stay for longer time and disintegrate into pieces. India is also moving towards disintegration willface the consequences of discrimination very soon.

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