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Indian Atrocities in Held Kashmir and the Muslim Ummah

Indian Atrocities in Held Kashmir and the Muslim Ummah

The use of force by the Indian army and paramilitary forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) is not a new phenomenon. Kashmir is the unfinished part of the division of sub-continent. The illegal accession of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) by New Delhi in October 1947 paved the way for conventional war between newly formed rivals India and Pakistan. On seeing her defeat India moved to United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to play its card. Consequently, UNSC passed two resolutions 39 and 47 and devised a mechanism to solve the Kashmir issue. India did not fully accept the UN resolutions and thus plebiscite never happened in IOK to know the will of the people.

India knows that sooner or later it had to implement UN resolutions, therefore it is trying hard to change the demographic status of Kashmir. Moreover, it is doing every possible human rights violation in the held Kashmir to suppress the self-determination movement in the IOK. There is a long list of Indian atrocities on innocent Kashmiris: some of them are listed below.

  1. India is violating the accession treaty of Maharaja Hari Singh. Maharaja signed the so-called accession treaty on the pretext that the special status of Kashmir would remain intact in any case and the then leader of India Mr Jawaharlal Nehru endorsed his demands and by presidential order gave Jammu and Kashmir the special status under article 370 (3) and 35A. But, the populist Modi has violated this agreement by revoking the special status of Kashmir.
  2. India has not been implementing the UNSC resolutions which it had agreed in 1949. It was decided that a plebiscite would be held under the sponsorship of the UN to know the will of the people. Unfortunately, till now it seems India is not ready to accept the ground realities in the valley and fears that an impartial plebiscite would strip Kashmir from Indian brutal occupation. So, to suppress the right of self-determination, New Delhi is using pellet guns, tear gas and live weapons on innocent Kashmiris since long. This Indian tactic has only intensified the demand for independence from India.

iii. The fascist Modi government is also at odds with its forefather’s decision. They saw the dream of secular India where every minority would have enjoyed equal rights and freedom. Unfortunately, the rise of Hindutva ideology in the Indian government, the secular posture of India is transforming into a religious extremist country where only Hindus can live freely. As numerous politicians in India have raised the slogan that India is for Hindus and not for Indians.

  1. Here comes the most important part of the contemporary democratic world- human rights. India has constantly been accused by leading human rights organizations of the world about violations of fundamental rights of people in the held Kashmir. In fact, people are being used by Indian army as human shields in front of military vehicles and ironically the fascist Modi government is giving medals to such military officers. Amnesty International, Human rights watch and Genocide watch, all of them have issued their reports on human rights situation in the valley and none has pointed in favour of Indian government official claim. Additionally, International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its press release has also condemned brutal use of force by Indian troops on civilian people in the valley.
  2. Moreover, by stripping off the Kashmiris of their special status unilaterally India has also violated the so-called Simla agreement. Although, the legal status of this agreement and its jurisdiction is subject to explanation, yet the steps taken by the Indian government are against this agreement (as India constantly reaffirms all the disputes to this treaty).

Now, moving towards the response of the Ummah and the Kashmiris themselves against the recent Indian move, the overall response of the Ummah and the so-called custodians of Islam was politically motivated. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain did not utter a condemning statement. In contrast, UAE and Bahrain presented Mr Modi with their respective highest civil awards. The response of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was also just a piece of paper and no clear policy document was opted to counter the illegal Indian move.

The only Islamic country which truly supported the stance of Pakistan on Kashmir cause was Iran. When Pakistan approached Iran on the issue, Tehran not only condemned the brutal actions of India in IOK but also reiterated the stance that the solution of Kashmir lies in implementing UN resolutions in true letter and spirit.

Kashmiris who are the real stakeholders have opted the path of resilience and have decided to stare in the face the Indian state terrorism in Kashmir. All the political leadership of Kashmir including Abdullah’s, Hurriat’s and muftis are now on the same page and are united in their effort against Indian illegal accession of Kashmir.

The world capitals have issued only verbal statements asking India to respect human rights in Kashmir, yet no concrete action has been taken. Same is the case with UNSC meeting on Kashmir issue. The Pakistani government is fully pursuing the case of Kashmir and has been successful in reminding the world the inhuman practices of Indian army in the valley. Therefore, European Union has also debated the Kashmir issue and has urged India to respect the will and rights of the people of Kashmir.

Overall, the ground reality in Kashmir is quite horrible. The Kashmiris are deprived of day to day necessities of life due to strict curfew which is now completing a full month. The world needs to act against Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir before it’s too late.






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