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 The riddle of a defeat; why IRGC has been proscribed? Rasheed Ahmad Chughtai

 The riddle of a defeat; why IRGC has been proscribed?

The US is the mother of terrorism; labeling IRGC as terrorists ‘foolish’ action: senior cleric

Trump’s unprecedented illegal move against IRGC


Rasheed Ahmad Chughtai

Donald Trump president of the U.S announced in another irresponsible and preposterous move the designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) as a “foreign terrorist organization.” This action which is considered for most of the international community as a senseless, provocative and inconceivable one, could open a Pandora’s box and result in a more complicated situation in Middle East. People and government of Iran who have a long history of resistance and defiance towards bully approaches of US, reacted to this decision outrageously. Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif reminded the US that its recent decision to blacklist the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps could not help it revive the terrorist groups it once created to wage wars in the region in the name of fighting terrorism. To designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization is the last illegal unprecedented move of US President Donald Trump against IRGC as a 40 years old segment of an internationally recognized state.

All the US administration’s moves in the Middle East despite global opposition including the White House decision on the holly city of Jerusalem, recognition of Golan Heights as a Israel territory, supporting the YPG despite Turkey’s warnings and strengthening the embargoes on Iran makes two things crystal clear once again. Firstly, US is not withdrawing from the region just changing its tools and secondly, tensions will increase in the Middle East. Power is still the ultimate source. From a realist perspective, the interests of a country can comes first than global acceptance or values. But the world is changing also the Middle East. Another question coming into mind is that, “How can this decision be taken when IRGC forces support the fight against ISIL?”

This kind of tries is an effort for the balance of power in the region. USA tries to roll back Iran. Essentially, efforts like this are dangerous and may result in increasing the tensions. It has to be realized that these policies no longer valid.As a result, this is a fact that regional peace is not related to these kind of moves and they will just increase the tensions. For the benefit of the regional countries, Iran will defeat these aggressive moves via wisdom and calmness.

Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani, who was wearing the IRGC uniform during this week’s Friday prayers sermon in Tehran, said that the action to designate a part of a country’s military forces as a terrorist organization is against all the international laws and regulations, describing Donald Trump as a ‘fool’ who does not know what he is doing. “The whole world, especially the nations in the region now know that the US is the mother of terrorism,” he stated, adding “as America itself and Trump have acknowledged that it was the US which created Taliban and they themselves admit that they are the founder of terrorism.”

He further said that the whole Iranian nation and political groups, regardless of their political affections, support the IRGC against the US move, warning the US president “not to twist the lion tail as the IRGC can reduce Tel Aviv to rubble by its missiles if the Leader allows them to do so.” Many countries in the world have called into question America’s move as they think it can complicate the situation in the Middle East,” the senior cleric said, adding even some American analysts have also described it as “a dangerous act that would endanger American soldiers’ lives.”



For some people, there is an ambiguity that why US state department decided to do so while Pentagon declined to comment on this risky decision and many other decision-maker departments also were still indecisive about that!  To decipherer the reasons and consequences of such an unprecedented and internationally illegal decision, some aspects of this decision are mentioned here:


  1. Interventionism: since the revolution in 1979 in Iran, many equations changed in the region. The revolution inspired movements in the region conformed neither to US policies nor to the authoritarian regimes in the region.  So the agenda for Regime Change in Iran became a perpetual present option on the table of hawkish decision-makers in the US. During the 4 previous decades, US relentlessly Endeavored to subjugate the independent and nonreliant government of Iran; In this context, many malicious plans like flaring up the tensions between Persian Gulf countries with Iran, implicitly forcing other countries to limit their economic transactions with Iran, provoking an illusion of Iran phobia brought forward against Iran that none of them reached to their destined purposes. This failure, that went more complicated with the American defeated policies in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and etc, gradually damaged the reputation of a self-proclaimed Super Power in the world.  To cover these scandalous debacles up, Trump and some of his warmonger advisors defined IRGC as the main reason of US policy failures in the region. A claim that is neither right nor rational. Naming and shaming of IRGC that is a part of the Iranian national defense force, is a blatant infringement of Iran’s national sovereignty.


  1. Unilateralism: during recent years, US has devoted to many efforts to make an international coalition against Iran. Different motions for the terrorist calling of IRGC and the unit of Quds Force had also been introduced by the US and some of its seduced allies in UNSC and UNHRC that found no way to succeed. The noncompliance of other countries with such politically motivated motions was because of a wisdom oriented mindset; they know the fact that IRGC was a part of a State that internationally cosponsoring its proscription was not only ridiculous and unprecedented but could found a new realm of Double Standards in United Nations, that one day could be applied for theirs as well. In this context, the repeated defeat of US in the multilateral arena forced this country to resort to another act of unilateralism. A decision that didn’t have enough supporters even at home!


  1. Legality: IRGC is a part of Iran’s defense structure. Any country in the world is entitled to define and strengthen its defensive body according to its benefits and presumed threats.  The US decision in the terrorist calling of IRGC, which is intended to weaken the defensive and military prowess of Iran, is a clear violation of article 51 of UN charter; which clarifies the right of self-defense as an inherent right for each country.


  1. Legitimacy:  established in 1979, IRGC took the responsibility of Guarding the Islamic Revolution and its achievements. As the Revolution was a people-oriented one, most of the Iranians were eager to be a part of this Guardian Corp. In this regard, the participation of people in IRGC was defined in the context of Basij (Niruyeh Moghavemat Basij) which was totally voluntary and unprofitable.  Today about 35 million Iranians privilege the membership of Basij that means about half of the total population in Iran. Proscription of IRGC and its sections by US is a clear insult to the civilians of a country.


  1. Right to development:  according to the United Nations Declaration on the Right to Development (Adopted by General Assembly resolution 41/128 of 4 December 1986), International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, UNSDGs and many other international documents, development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development. After the invasion of Iraq to Iran in 1980 and its 8 years endured war, the noose around Iran’s economy tightened more than ever. In this context, IRGC that had a deep roots in people started to develop the local industries and flourish native talents. In this context, Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarter was established to help the country to rebuild the war – resulted in destruction. Hundreds of hospitals, schools, bridges, dams, houses for villagers and etc. were constructed by this headquarters while the government and profitable corporations because of huge difficulties couldn’t do them.  Eradication of structural poverty was another function of this headquarters. Due to the membership of graduated and talented people in this part, many innovations and progress achieved through this initiative. After the unfair and unjust economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran, that weakened the competitiveness of Iranian companies to their foreign counterparts, the role and importance of Khatam-al Anbiya Construction Headquarters for national development came to look more essential.  US decision in terrorist calling IRGC that is added to unfair and discriminatory sanctions is a blatant violation of Iranians right to development. (thepageinternational@gmail.com)


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